Serina Leaf
Kanji セリナ
Rōmaji Sarina
Alias Saint Pure
Race Human
Age 18
Height 148 cm/4'10
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Green
Hair Cyan
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation The Academy
Occupation Disciple, Third Year
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Nazuna Leaf
Element Fire/Earth
Weapon Kick Gun
Character Song The Heart's opposite bank
Japanese Voice Kaori Mizuhashi
English Voice Cristina Valenzuela
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Serina is one of the heroines that appear in conception 2. She isn't initally unlocked until completing the lust labyrinth. She is the fifth heroine the protaganist meets at the academy. She acts as a typical tsundere by being cold and hostile to God's Gift until through bond events she develops trust and feelings towards him. Her feelings become that towards God's gift that during some bonding events, she may try to cover the truth of his other relationships and she shows genuine jealousy or annoyance when she comes down to believing he loves somebody else above her.

In combat, she weilds a 'kick gun' weapon on her left thigh and it's named the Exiv cannon; although through later upgrade with the supernova chip it becomes Helios.


As one of the smallest female disciples, Serina comes with a petite figure. Her hair colour being light blue and her eyes green. She wears the S-rank disciple uniform during school and when she's working at her cafe with her sister. In labyrinths, she wears a dark blue and white dress with her weapon weilded on her left leg. Also, during the pool event, she wears a turqouise bikini with frilly designs and material round her waist.


For having a complex about her height and bust,  Serina comes off as a tsundere character; specifically towards God's Gift. Because of her issue, she is obssessed with the idea of having milk enhance her height and would usually make strong attempts to increase her height. She is also an independent character, usually dismissing her sisters concerns and wishes for someone to love her for who she is than have them constantly worry about her.


Out of all the Heroines, Serina has the most clearest of backstories. Serina lived within Aterra and has helped her sister Nazuna run a unnamed cafe in the city. In the past, her sister ran a amusement park which was going out of business and was updated to the 'Academic Park' to make it more educating, and is known to include a zoo as well. Serina has claimed that the amusement park was an important part of her childhood and has promised to protect it and the citizens because of her strong beliefs.

As for Serina's most recent history; Serina started as a D-rank disciple and was gradually promoted to S-rank and teamed with God's Gift. Because of her determination to be ranked-up, Serina is usually studying and is out of experience with relationships because of her inexperiences.

However she also faces difficulties of dealing with her sister who constantly worries over her safety due to her height even when Serina clearly states she can fend for herself.


This may contain spoilers.

Serina was met after the completion of the lust labyrinth and was met on God's Gift route to school. As Serina was approached by a punks; who mistook her for a first-year student. Before God's Gift could make any actions on helping her, she brawled with them and quickly defeated the punk. Later Chlotz went around with the news of a new disciple and was eager to find out. He visualised this disciple to be curvaceous in figure as they were rumoured to be a 3rd year student. Though God's Gift quickly dispelled the thought. He then encountered a disciple-specifically the one he met on the route to school-who was out of reach from a book. As he went to offer her help, Serina went on neglecting him. Though she soon slipped from a stool and crashed. God's Gift came aware of his surroundings, and was shocked to see that he accidentally touched Serina's chest. Serina instantly saw it as him being 'perverted' and slapped him. Chlotz came over and referred to him as God's Gift, which made Serina realise her error but she hurried away flustered when she claimed to be given the 'wrong book'.

Serina was later introduced to the other recent Heroines and remained hostile towards God's Gift and even prior to her bonding events; she claimed she would never forgive him.



Serina's stat shape

Serina serves as a great mage, and offers quick and easy battles. However she lacks strength and a large amount HP. Although God's Gift HP is greater, this covers for what Serina lacks in battle. Her moves as well can target various enemies which also shortens battles.

Serina's ThemeEdit

The Heart's Opposite Bank


Gift Effect Note
Striped Ribbon Love Head
Butterfly Ribbon Like Head
Military Beret Love Head
Ram's Horns Like Head
Tiara Like Head
Stylish Crown Love Head
Tama-Kanzashi Like Head
Cute Earrings Like Earrings
Elegant Earrings Like Earrings
Diamond Earrings Like Earrings
Magical Earrings Like Earrings
Feather Earmuffs Love Earrings
Headset Like Earrings
Embossed Brooch Like Other
Jeweled Brooch Like Other
Flower Brooch Love Other
Star Brooch Love Other
Camera Badge Like Other
Witch Pins Like Other
Animals Badge Love Other
Angel Wings Like Other
Demon Wings Like Other
Animal Earrings Love Earrings
Gold Earrings Like Earrings
Flashy Earrings Like Earrings
Silver Earrings Like Earrings
Persona Mask Like Eyes
Ether Visor Love Eyes
Monocle Like Eyes
Fashion Glasses Like Eyes
Thin Glasses Like Eyes
Clear Glasses Like Eyes
Magical Hat Like Head
Mysterious Plume Like Head
Kitty Ears Like Head
Angel Halo Like Head
Demon Horns Like Head
Mana's Ears Love Head

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