Narika Shina
Kanji ナリカ
Rōmaji Narika
Alias Saint Brave
Race Human
Age 17
Height 162cm (5'4)
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Purple
Hair Dark Blue
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation The Academy
Occupation Disciple
Personal Status
Status Alive
Element Earth
Weapon Bowgun
Character Song A peace of Courage
Japanese Voice Saori Gotō
English Voice Karen Strassman
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Narika is overall shy but serious in her position in school. She appears to be self-conscious too, to a degree that when someone flatters her-she tries to deny it or becomes flustered. She also suffers from stage-fright through the beginning-as whenever she spoke, she stammered and became nervous. Along the bonding arc, she becomes braver and more confident about herself. She finds that God's Gift gives her courage whenever he's around. Even in situations when he didn't see himself needed in.






  • Narika Shina appears to take similarities to the character Mikan Tsumiki from Dangan Ronpa 2, from the company Spike Chunsoft. Both of them share similarities, such as both of them possessing a shy personality, exagerations of their appearances (Mikan making embarassing poses while Narika posses this more in her appearance)
    Olivia Kakusei


  • They also share a 'yandere' side. Narika doing so with God's Gift while Mikan is shown to be violent for 'her beloved'.
  • The voice Actress of Narika also voice acted another shy character in the game, Fire Emblem Awakening 

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